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London Policy Whitehall

launched 23 September

Manchester Policy Blogs

Manchester Policy Blogs is a platform run by policy@manchester for researchers, academics and policy experts to blog on a range of topical issues, with the potential to reach a wide audience.

Launched in September 2013, we publish posts on a range of topical policy issues, demonstrating a wide range of expertise and research-based knowledge across the University. However we do have some main categories or 'streams':

Since the blog site was launched in 2013, hundreds of researchers have written posts. Some have had thousands of views and have generated fierce debate, others have been cited in national newspapers, used by NGOs to lobby government, and cited in Parliamentary papers and reports. Watch the video below to see how one particular blog has had huge impact.

We are continually looking for high quality, research based contributions for the blogs from Manchester researchers and beyond. Simply get in touch with us if you would like to contribute.

Please see the following documents for further guidance on the format, length and style we are looking for, and on what makes a good blog post.