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Policy Week 2015

Policy Week 2015 took place from 2-6 November, and had the theme of Science, Technology and Public Policy. It was part of the European City of Science 2016 programme.


Outputs from each day

Monday 2 November

The Pros and Cons of Fracking

Buying with a Conscience: Curbing Crude Oil Theft in Nigeria

Can Researchers Speak Truth Unto Power?

Film: The Age of Stupid

Climate Negotiations Simulation

Disruptive influence: How will emerging technology impact Higher Education?  Keynote address by David Willetts.

Tuesday 3 November

How Much Evidence is 'Enough' Prior to Policy Implementation?

Using digital technology to assess quality in the arts

Video: The Manchester Experience: Science, Technology and Engineering Education Enrichment in Greater Manchester

Disruption: A Film by Kelly Nyks and Jared P. Scott

Powering the Northern Powerhouse 

Wednesday 4 November

Rethinking UK Research Funding

Digital Boom or Tech Time Bomb? The Impact of New Technology on Northern Lives

Synthetic Biology: Reshaping the future?


What is citizen social science, and how can it help make policy?

Notes on a Drugs Scandal : In Conversation with Prof David Nutt

Thursday 5 November

Technology and Healthcare - Empowering the patient; influencing policy

Greater Manchester Devolution: Implications for Dementia Services

Climate, Crises and Policy

On the Home Front: The Challenges of Reducing Household Energy Use

Physical Vulnerability and Frailty: Building Resilience in Older People

Clicktivism: New Politics, Old Voices?

Friday 6 November

Meet the Government Office for Science

Engagement between Scientists and Politicians: Communication of Evidence and Ideas

Policy Week 2014

Manchester Policy Week 2014 took place on 3-7 November, and had the theme of Addressing Inequalities. It included lectures, debates and workshops organised by researchers across the University, featuring high-profile figures and policy influencers.

Outputs from each day

Monday 3 November

Mathematics Dispositions and Ethnicity: Evidence from Secondary Education

Ethnicity trends – The University of Manchester Student Experience and Success

The Forgotten People - Opening Address by Lord Heseltine

Tuesday 4 November

Education day

Video: Manchester Education Debate - 'Closing the socio-economic attainment gap - where should society go next?'

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Video playlist: The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership: Cash Bonanza or Risky Deal?

Thursday 6 November

Inequality and Housing

Video playlist: Picture a Poverty Free City - Illustrated Short Talks

Friday 7 November

They spend it all on booze and fags - debunking misconceptions of welfare spending