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Life on the line infographic
Life on the line infographic. Click to see in more detail.

Life on the line

This map, based on the region’s Metrolink tram network, revealed the striking differences in life expectancy across Greater Manchester, showing estimated differences of more than a decade in life expectancy across Greater Manchester. 

Read more about the research of the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing.

Section of infographic 'Better qualified but fewer opportunities'
Small section of infographic 'Better qualified but fewer opportunities' Click to see full infographic.

Social mobility and ethnicity

Using data from the Centre for Dynamics in Ethnicity (CoDE), this infographics illustrates that despite Britain's ethnic minorities being better qualified, they appear to enjoy fewer opportunities. 

Read more about CoDE's research in this area.

Small section of infographic 'Undocumented migrants'
Small section of infographic 'Undocumented migrants'. Click to see full infographic.

Undocumented migrants

Irregular migrants are colloquially known as “illegal immigrants”. This infographic draws on research from the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCCJ), in partnership with the Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN) and Theatre in Prison and Probation (TiPP), which seeks to engage with Migrant Community Organisations (MCOs) and the NGO sector migrant campaign groups to contribute to public policy development in this area.

More information on CCCJ's research on undocumented migrants.

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