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Civil Servant

westminster bridge

Civil Servant

Societies fail if their governments are ineffective, and governments are ineffective if their civil servants are ineffective.

This website, a new resource brought to you on Policy@Manchester, accordingly examines the skills and effectiveness of the UK Civil Service.

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The different types of civil servant, their constitutional role, and their numbers, pay and pensions.

Skills and knowledge

Working with Ministers, communications skills and developing policy


Integrity, Impartiality, Judicial Review, Freedom of Information etc.

Leadership, Management and Innovation

How to achieve your objectives, and get the best out of your teams

Civil Service Reform

Analysis, background information and recent developments.

Controversies, Humour etc

How to speak 'Mandarin', how to survive 'reform', and various interesting quotations and controversies.

Women in the Civil Service

Amazing, Ground-Breaking Women  &

The Barriers They Overcame