Community responses to COVID-19 across Greater Manchester

Community Responses to COVID-19 in Greater Manchester

Join us for this conversation on Tuesday, 18 May which discusses how communities across Greater Manchester have responded to the pandemic.

Tuesday, 18 May
5.00 – 6.30pm
Zoom (link to be shared before event) – Registration via email to

How have communities across Greater Manchester responded to the COVID-19 pandemic? What new ways of working together and caring for each other have developed as a result? 

In this online conversation, we will share our stories of how communities adapted to the challenges of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, reflecting on:

  • How our communities innovated, particularly in the gaps created by lack of policy direction, to take care of each other;
  • The upcoming challenges and opportunities for addressing inequalities that have been amplified during the pandemic such as those associated with physical and mental health, vaccination and prevention policies, education and employment impacts, and the lifting of restrictions;
  • The lessons that the leaders of our political and healthcare systems can learn from the successes and the challenges of community responses, such as making the most of community assets and resilience for building back in the wake of the pandemic

This Zoom event will feature a panel of guest speakers with first-hand experience of community responses to COVID-19 in Greater Manchester, and the lessons that we can all learn. 

It will be followed by a Q&A session in which personal reflections and cross-cutting connections from the audience on this topic are particularly encouraged. 

If you would like to attend please register your interest via email to 

Continuing the conversation

We seek to build bridges and communication between community groups, researchers, policymakers, and public, through an online discussion event and digital content collection.

As part of this, we will follow up with all event attendees to ask whether they would like to make a short submission to this digital collection, and we will keep in touch as the collection develops.

If you prefer us not to contact you as part of the follow-up to the event, please let us know when registering via