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Industrial Strategy Commission

An ambitious UK industrial strategy will help people, places and business achieve their potential.

Train tracks with purple overlay and text 'The Industrial Strategy Commission: Developing a new industrial strategy for the UK'

Industrial Strategy Commission Launches Final Report 

Today the Industrial Strategy Commission (a joint initiative by Policy@Manchester and SPERI at The University of Sheffield) launched its final report at the Resolution Foundation Offices in London where Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy gave a keynote speech.

Outlining plans for a strong commitment to industrial strategy the report calls for urgent new thinking, new policies and new government institutions along with a Universal Basic Infrastructure and a focus on place, health and education.

The Final Report seeks to shape the design of the industrial strategy and steer it towards a policy framework that can ensure future success. The report states that the UK’s people, places and businesses will only achieve their potential if there is a complete overhaul of how the government views industrial strategy.

To be successful the report argues that the new industrial strategy must be an ambitious long-term plan with a positive vision for the UK and it must be rethought as a broad, long-term and non-partisan commitment to strategic management of the economy.

Previous report: ‘Laying the Foundations’

In July, the Industrial Strategy Commission released its reflections from their initial evidence hearings.