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New researchers network

New researchers network

The New Researchers Network (NRN) is an interdisciplinary initiative working as a shared forum for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers to collaborate and share knowledge in areas surrounding policy. As a diverse network, we are aiming to provide the opportunity for all researchers in policy-related areas to meet each other and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Because of the wide working area of policy, the NRN members work in different fields, ranging from the social sciences to engineering and from health to law. 

Aims and activities

The NRN is part of the Policy@Manchester initiative. We aim to:

  • Provide an opportunity for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers who work on policy-related research, or aim to have an impact on policy, to exchange ideas and experiences.
  • Enable these researchers, irrespective of the policy field they work on, to share knowledge by focusing on the process of policy-making, methodological issues, and the experience of being a ‘new researcher’.

The NRN coordinators organise an event once per academic term. Shorter, informal meetings bridge the time between these larger events.


The Policy@Manchester New Researchers Network is coordinated by:

•    Ian Jacob (PhD candidate, Centre for Health Economics)
•    Jacqueline Austin (PhD candidate, Business and Management, MBS)
•    Lala Ireland (PhD candidate, School of Law)
•    Luke Munford (Early Career Researcher, Centre for Health Economics)
•    Jonathan Stokes (PhD candidate, Centre for Primary Care)

Dr. Carole Talbot is the contact person for the NRN on behalf of the academic staff involved in the Policy@Manchester initiative.

Get in touch

As an active network of new researchers, we are always interested to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions about, or ideas for, the network. You can reach us by sending an email to Join the NRN mailing list and watch this space, NRN Twitter and NRN Facebook page, for further information about NRN Forums.

NRN Forum: Policy and Devolution

Time: Wednesday 1st April, 4-5pm
Location: Jean McFarlane building, room 3.332

We’re holding a small informal forum on the topic of Devolution. We’ll have a short presentation by one of our co-ordinators, Jonathan Stokes, on ‘devolution and the NHS’, and then we’ll open it up to everyone to have their input from their various disciplines. This is a very relevant topic area, particularly for Greater Manchester at the moment, and hopefully it will generate some interesting conversation. Hope to see you there!