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Policy briefings

Our briefings cover a variety of topical issues.

Greater Manchester mayoral policy briefing

On 4 May, Greater Manchester will elect its first metro mayor covering some of the key policy areas we had identified in the election; health and social care, housing, jobs, inclusivity and transport. You can download the PDF version of the briefing here

Drawing on the expertise of academics at The University of Manchester and external partners, we developed some key recommendations and challenges for whoever is elected next month.

We also sent all of the candidates a copy of the briefing, inviting them to submit their responses to the points raised and their commitments on the issues which we will collate and publish before the election. Below are the responses we've recieved. 

Sean Anstee, Conservatives: 

I want to put attracting investment in good jobs, homes, skills and transport at the heart of my offer to the people of Greater Manchester, beacuse we have to use devolution to do things differently here in our city region if we want to be able to make sure that the mayoralty means something to the people of Greater Manchester.


Jane Brophy, Liberal Democrats: 'The health service Greater Manchester deserves'

Our NHS and social care system is under huge pressure, as a result of Government under-funding and the needs of people who are living longer but with chronic health conditions. In Greater Manchester our health is poorer than it should be. Higher unemployment and higher poverty in Greater Manchester affects the quality of life and life expectancy of many of our residents.

Health and social care systems are under enormous strain with unacceptable waits for ambulances, more cancelled operations, and patients waiting on trolleys in A and E. General Practitioners, community health professionals, and community pharmacists have been under resourced to the point where they are unable provide the degree of care for patients that they would wish to. A focus on the community would ease the pressures on our hospitals, but also improve the lives of the people of Greater Manchester. Social care has become a system where only those with high needs are supported, with thousands of families across the region struggling to cope caring for their loved ones, and vulnerable children and adults being let down by a broken social care system.

For too long, mental health has been the poor relation in the health service. I will fight for mental illness to be given the same priority and resources as physical illness in our health service.

I will:
• Work for a unified Health and Social Care system that properly meets the needs of all people in Greater Manchester.
• Ensure proper respite care for dementia patients and their carers.
• Work for a seamless Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for young people aged 0-25.
• Fight for more mental health beds in Greater Manchester to end the scandal where people in urgent need of mental health treatment can be sent hundreds of miles away and make sure young people are always treated close to home.
• Introduce a specialist Rapid Assessment, Intervention and Discharge (RAID) mental health team at all hospitals to help people in crisis and those with concurrent mental and physical health problems. It is far too easy at the moment for patients with mental illness to slip through the net and not be given the care they need.
• Champion those let down by the system who are experiencing mental health problems who may need acute and long-term community care.