On Productivity

Our publication On Productivity provides thought leadership and expert analysis on how to address the gaps in economic performance across the UK.

A 2019 report found that Greater Manchester’s productivity was 89% of the UK average, falling from 92.2% in 1998. In addition, for every 100 people looking for a job in the north, there are only 79 available – in London, the corresponding figure is 102. Even when in employment, the average annual earnings in the north are 10% lower than the rest of England. This regional economic underperformance is explained by various factors that influence people’s chances.

The articles in On Productivity explore the economic underperformance of the various regions in the UK by analysing different influential factors such as, health, skills, R&D and gender equality. The articles also provide clear recommendations for policymakers to level up the UK locally, regionally and nationally.