Greater Manchester reports

The GM Policy Hub supports collaboration between University academics and local and regional policymakers to address regional policy agendas.

As part of our work to build relationships between regional policymakers and researchers, we explore opportunities for collaboration on research projects that inform pressing policy challenges.

The reports highlighted below are the outputs of recent collaborative research projects. The findings and recommendations from these projects provide expert insights for the wider city-region.

Toward green and just transitions in city regions: a study of three different approaches to urban sustainability policymaking (October 2022)
Usman Aziz 

Academics at the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) working closely with GMCA have been exploring a number of best practice case studies that exemplify good practice in the pursuit of just and green sustainability transitions. This report outlines those case studies, along with lessons that can be learnt.

Read the full report Toward green and just transitions in city regions full report

Guaranteed basic income: the case for a Greater Manchester pilot (July 2022)
Professor Anthony Rafferty and Alex Macdougall

In this report for the Work and Equalities Institute, Professor Anthony Rafferty and Alex Macdougall evaluate universal basic income and the case for a Greater Manchester pilot of guaranteed basic income as pledged by Mayor Andy Burnham.

Strengthening participation and people power in Greater Manchester (July 2022)
Professor Francesca Gains and Professor Liz Richardson

This report draws on discussions within Greater Manchester and examples of best practice elsewhere. It sets out key principles to underpin greater pluralism in policymaking, maps out the different ways in which participation can take place, and makes suggestions for strengthening participation.

Race Equality in Greater Manchester: An analysis of key issues (May 2022)
Dr Nigel de Noronha

This report provides an assessment of the impact of racism on the experiences of racialised minorities in Greater Manchester. It discusses the key areas of employment, education, health and wellbeing, and criminal justice.

Greater Manchester economy: response to crises (March 2022)
Dr Marianne Sensier

This report assesses the depth of economic scarring in Greater Manchester from the coronavirus pandemic recession and the 2008 global financial crisis. It analyses the business cycles in output and employment in the GM boroughs to see how they have recovered following each crisis. 

Housing and living well with dementia