GM Policy Hub

We connect academics with local policymakers to address regional policy agendas.

Within Policy@Manchester, the GM Policy Hub seeks to build relationships between researchers and regional stakeholders to resolve societal challenges and optimise collaborative opportunities across the region.

We support GM policy agendas with briefing notes, roundtables, summaries, blogs and opportunities for offline constructive conversations. We also provide a platform to connect local policymakers with national policymakers, other thought leaders and decision-makers through targeted events. 

The Hub is a dedicated resource for GM policymakers to access academic expertise to help inform evidence-based policymaking. 

GM Policy Hub updates

Every three months, we share an update on our research and activity relevant to Greater Manchester. Read our updates below. To receive these updates, contact Terri Lucas and we will add you to the mailing list.


Guaranteed basic income: the case for a Greater Manchester pilot

Strengthening participation and people power in Greater Manchester (July 2022)

Greater Manchester economy: response to crises (March 2022)

Housing and living well with dementia


Building Utopia

Building Utopia examines the interlinked challenges of urban development, health and climate change. It brings together thought leadership and expert analysis on how to build climate-resilient cities while also addressing health and social inequalities.

On Gender 

This publication aims to identify what we know – and what we need to know – about gender inequality in tackling the big policy agendas devolved to Greater Manchester and other areas with devolution deals.


Research from The University of Manchester is addressing key policy issues globally, nationally and locally. Since March 2020, we have hosted or collaborated on a range of virtual and hybrid panel events exploring issues relating to health and wellbeing, productivity, devolution, inequalities and more.

If you missed out on these events, you can find more information and links to the recordings below.



Researchers from The University of Manchester are working with the Anna Freud Centre and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to survey children in all secondary schools in Greater Manchester about their wellbeing.