DCMS roundtable.

Senior civil servants join UoM academics for placemaking and the creative industries roundtable

Leading officials from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have visited campus for a full morning of discussions with our academics on topics relevant to the Department’s work.  

Organised by Policy@Manchester and chaired by Professor John McAuliffeProfessor of Poetry and Director of Creative Manchesterthe event was part of a series of engagements with government departments facilitated by Policy@Manchester in their role as the convenor for policymakers and UoM researchers.   

Other recent initiatives from Policy@Manchester have included hosting a meeting of the GM Analysts Network and arranging a tour of the Arrowfield Low Carbon Living Project for senior figures at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), demonstrating a commitment to work closely with the growing community of civil servants based in Manchester.    

Following brief opening remarks from Professor McAuliffe, University of Manchester academics provided brief synopsis of their individual specialisms and current research projects before our visitors were invited to describe their roles within the DCMS. 

Attendees thecollectively examinetwo broad subject areas: arts, heritage and tourism; and civil society and youth.  

The roundtable discussion focused on Areas of Research Interest (ARIs), a list of research questions on which the DCMS has sought more research to inform their policies and help close the evidence policy gap. 

The event concluded with an open exchange of views on how academic research can positively influence DCMS policymaking.   

Commenting afterwards, Professor McAuliffe said:  

“We always welcome the opportunity to feed Creative Manchester research networks into policy development and our interactions with the DCMS officials were especially fruitful. 

“As well sharing case studies, the event enabled us to connect UoM researchers with DCMS experts based at their Manchester office. 

“Research and policymaking are ongoing processes, meaning these important personal relationships will continue to develop and deliver mutual benefit far into the future.”    

Alongside Professor McAuliffe, UoM were represented by Professor Neil Humphrey, Professor of Psychology of Education; Dr Leandro Valiati, Senior Lecturer in Creative and Cultural Industries; Dr Abigail Gilmore, Senior Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy; and Dr Eric Lybeck, Senior Lecturer in Sociology.