Impact of COVID-19 on the Northern Powerhouse: One year on

This panel event brought together experts to discuss inequalities in the context of levelling up the North

Last year, a landmark report from the Northern Health Science Alliance found that 57.7 more people per 100,000 died in the Northern Powerhouse, relative to the rest of England, between March and July 2020. A recent follow-up report, created in partnership with Policy@Manchester, has shown disproportionately negative health and economic outcomes throughout the pandemic.

As the Government seeks to ‘level up’ Britain’s cities, counties and regions, it is more important than ever to understand how these impacts have been felt in the Northern Powerhouse and what that means for the challenges and possibilities for productivity, growth and wellbeing in the post-pandemic UK. The University of Manchester’s Dr Luke Munford, author of both reports, will share his findings, alongside insight and analysis from leading policymakers

  • Clare Fallon, North of England Correspondent, ITN/Channel 4 News (Chair)
  • Dr Luke Munford, Lecturer in Health Economics, The University of Manchester
  • Henri Murison, Director, The Northern Powerhouse Partnership
  • Damian Waters, Regional Director, CBI
  • Professor Arpana Verma, Clinical Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology, The University of Manchester

This event was recorded on Tuesday 5 October 2021 and formed part of our party conferences fringe programme.