Regional inequalities: The entangled story of health and wealth

Our monthly GM Policy Hub seminar series focuses on a different regional policy agenda each month. In June 2023, we focused on exploring regional inequalities in health and economic outcomes.

There are many deep-rooted and persistent inequalities across England. On average, health is worse in the north of England than the rest of the country. Alongside this, economic inequalities limit opportunity. These inequalities correlate, intersect, and reinforce each other to limit life expectancy, create ill health, widen educational attainment gaps, and reduce economic prospects across the country. Equally, these inequalities persist within Greater Manchester. For example, in Denton, this inequality can result in average life expectancies varying by as much as 12 years within a mile radius.

This presentation outlined some of the most up-to-date evidence of regional inequalities in health and economic outcomes in the city-region before discussing possible local policy solutions.

When: Thursday 15 June 2023


  • Dr Luke Munford, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at The University of Manchester
  • Julie McCarthy, Strategic Lead for Creative Health at Greater Manchester Integrated Care and Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Chaired by: Professor Arpana Verma, Clinical Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology and Head of the Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care