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Our work and research aims to makes an impact where it's needed.

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On Energy

Expert commentary and analysis from across the University on issues relating to energy generation, pricing and policy.


Also from Policy@Manchester:

As well as seeking to engage policymakers with our considerable expertise, we are interested in the process of policymaking and how those in positions of influence and power use academic knowledge and research to make decisions.

Policy@Manchester conducted a survey of UK Senior Civil Servants (SCS) in an attempt to explore their engagement with academia. The results are presented in the reports below.

Our colleague Dr Alex Hall spent three months with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology during his PhD studies. He has written a short piece reflecting on his internship, for the benefit of academics and researchers who may wish to consider a policy-facing fellowship of their own.

A recent report by Amelia Abercrombie from the University of Manchester’s Multilingual Manchester research unit has found that leaving the European Union may reduce levels of support for the teaching of English as an additional language, due to the withdrawal of EU funding.