Building Utopia

Our publication Building Utopia examines the interlinked challenges of urban development, health and climate change. It brings together thought leadership and expert analysis on how to build climate-resilient cities while also addressing health and social inequalities.

Cities are key places. The way that we plan and develop cities needs to be improved so that we can reach carbon targets and improve the health and lives of the people that live within them. What we build now will last for at least 30 years so it is vital that we lock in sustainable features that will remain well past the 2038 and 2050 targets.

The articles in the publication address key urban issues including: promoting equal access to green spaces; reducing emissions from domestic water use; decarbonising domestic heating; tackling air pollution and building high-quality homes and neighbourhoods. The contributors also put forward recommendations to policymakers on how we can address these multiple challenges while delivering health, social and environmental benefits to communities.