NERC Digital Solutions Hub

The University of Manchester is spearheading the Digital Solutions Hub (DSH) programme, on behalf of UKRI's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The DSH will be a gateway to over 40 petabytes of NERC's environmental datasets as well as other integrated environmental, social, economic and health data.

A ‘one-stop-shop’, the DSH will provide space for data from different siloes to sit together in one virtual place. Sitting on top of NERC’s powerful super-computer JASMIN, which provides storage and facilities to enable data intensive environmental science, the DSH will allow users to undertake analysis of their data in ways that were not possible before.

If you use spatial data to make decisions within your role, you are likely to find benefit in this Hub. The DSH will be a useful tool for those who are environmental analysts, city planners, environmental regulators, housebuilders, healthcare specialists or first responders in the field.

The user has been put at the core of the DSH, with programme leaders holding workshops across the UK to understand the challenges and barriers data users have faced accessing or using environmental data. Also explored were the features they would like to see on the DSH.

Leaders of the DSH programme are now working on putting together a beta version of the Hub.