How can we drive businesses to deliver on net zero?

During this event, recorded by Policy@Manchester on 3 February 2021, Professor Jonatan Pinkse discussed what could be achieved through a mix of legislation, incentives, and business modelling support

Nearly a fifth of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by businesses. With global emissions expected to be just 5.5% lower than in 2019, urgent action is required across all sectors to achieve net zero goals. But how can we push businesses to sustainability when their bottom line is at stake?

What policy changes are needed to support the business community’s transition to net zero? Are UK policymakers key to driving this? And is it possible to incentivise transformation with a win/win scenario, where adaption can equate to productivity and profitability?

Professor Jonatan Pinkse

Jonatan Pinkse is a Professor of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship at and Executive Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) at the Alliance Manchester Business School. His research interests focus on corporate sustainability, business model innovation, social entrepreneurship, cross-sector partnerships, and the sharing economy. In his research, Jonatan analyses how firms make strategic decisions to adapt to a more sustainable economy and deal with the ensuing tensions between issues and actors. He also investigates barriers to firm adoption of disruptive technologies from cognitive, organizational, and institutional perspectives.


This event was recorded on 3 February 2021.

Further information

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