On Gender

On Gender takes a gendered lens to devolved policy and puts gender on the agenda.

This publication aims to identify what we know – and what we need to know – about gender inequality in tackling the big policy agendas devolved to Greater Manchester and other areas with devolution deals.

The contributors summarise the ‘gender agenda’ that needs attention and what is known about inequalities nationally and locally.

They highlight where there is an evidence gap, identify policy measures which might address inequalities, and suggest what key indicators of success might look like.

On this web page, you can find links to the publication and related data analysis, policy blogs that focus on gender inequalities, and further resources that have come about from continuing work in this area.

Background to On Gender and related resources

On Gender is based on a meeting paper that Professor Francesca Gains, Professor or Public Policy and Academic Co-Director of Policy@Manchester, brought together for the Greater Manchester Giving Women a Voice Task and Finish Group in June 2019. The meeting paper provided an evidence base for the group to use to form its action plan.

Since the publication of On Gender, and continuing engagement on the policy areas it discusses, Francesca Gains has gone on to produce the following briefings and speak on panel events and podcasts.