Party Conferences

In 2019, we returned to Labour and Conservative party conferences, offering expertise and evidence on pressing policy topics.

With 10 events involving over 50 speakers and more than 500 people attending in total, Policy@Manchester had a busy 2019 party conference season.

Both Labour and Conservative Party conferences saw Policy@Manchester host lively panel discussions on mental health, gender equality, climate change and immigration policy. All of these panels featured a wide array of prominent speakers including parliamentarians, civic leaders, business leaders, charities, think tanks and, of course, academics from The University of Manchester.

Alongside those panel discussions Policy@Manchester also held a drop-in research showcase where a constant stream of people came along for mini briefings on sustainable farming, local action on climate change, seasonal allergies, drug prescribing, microplastic pollution, offshore wind energy, robotics and health inequality. 

“It’s vital for academics to engage more strongly with policy makers” said Professor Mike Barnes. “It is something we on the EPSRC HOME Offshore project are very keen to do. The session at the Conservative Party conference, organised by Policy@Manchester, was really good for this: we were able to connect with a broad range of political policy formers, industry reps, think tanks, charities and intrigued members of the public.”

Policy@Manchester also used the conferences to launch its latest publication – On Gender. This publication aims to identify what we know – and what we need to know – about gender inequality in tackling the big policy agendas devolved to Greater Manchester and other areas with devolution deals.

If you wish to find out more about any of these topics of future conference activity then get in touch.

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